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My Work Experience

This page contains a brief outline of my work experience.

- Chicago Web Management (2008-2011)
I work part-time as a freelance developer for a web development & consulting firm based in Chicago, IL. I am responsible for PHP programming and custom database applications, e-commerce and web security details and more.

- Web Expo (2008-2010)
I worked offsite as a developer for a web design firm based in Brookly, NY. I was responsible for PHP programming and custom database applications, e-commerce and web security details. Responsible for over 100 client accounts.

- Get A Freelancer USA (2008-2011)
Co-Producer / Principal
I co-developed a website for employers and freelance programmers to make contact with each other. My business partner designed the logo and created the layout, while I did all the programming and database development. I own the domain name and am the principal of the company, splitting site revenue equally with my business partner. I currently handle most the daily operations of the website, which are minimal because the site pretty much runs itself unless there is something I need to deal with directly.

- Route 66 Search (2003-2011)
Producer / Developer
I created my own commercial search index which currently holds over 600 entries, and is believed to be the largest database of its kind. It is also becoming a popular portal website for travelers. I have an affiliate program with to sell related products, and I plan to begin selling my own route 66 videos and i'm currently working on a series of hand-drawn route 66 maps. I am on the first page of yahoo search results for the keywords "route 66" and the site receives a large amount of traffic.

- Duotribe Design, Inc. (1999-2001)
Senior Developer
Responsible for all Microsoft Access database design and asp programming for clients' websites. Built web-based applications from customer specifications, maintained websites and performed basic database administration as necessary. Created Webtrends reports for clients. Applied & maintained Cybercash technology for e-commerce websites.

- Netcreate Systems, Inc. (1998-1999)
Web Developer & HTML Programmer
HTML programming, website development and production. Responsibilities included production of large-scale corporate websites up to 10,000 pages, job tracking and content proofing. Their current company status is unknown, the existing website does not seem to have any connection with the company I worked for in San Diego.

- (1997-1998)
Web Developer & ASP Programmer
ASP database programmer & application developer for an internet portal website that eventually lost funding. The San Diego based company has since gone out of business. I have no idea what is currently parked on their domain name.

- E-Man's Desktop Publications (1995-2008)
Independent Freelance Developer & Internet Consultant
Responsible for dealing with individual clients on a freelance basis. I am an expert in search engine placement. I specialize in creating custom online applications and e-commerce websites.
(formerly based in San Diego from 1997-2007)

- Toshiba of America (1994-1995)
Technician & Imaging Specialist
Responsible for repairing high-speed copiers located at Purdue University. I received formal training in Chicago and worked for a local franchise in West Lafayette, IN.

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